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Medical Tourism : What Are the Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations?

Some of the countries that are preferred for the medical tour destinations provide all features as well as facilities with lower cost packages. Experts strongly believe that these medical tourism destinations will create a positive impact on the country’s economy and also for the benefits of traders and patients. The phenomenon of the medical tourism destinations would also encourage the investors from the foreign countries who hold interest with those countries.

You can find the best service as well as attendance from these medical tourism destinations with low or at least with reasonable price. Several hospitals will have their tie-up with those recreational facilities in order to provide best services to the patients. You can come with your money for the treatment and in case if the treatment money exceeds beyond your budget or if you need some other luxurious treatments, then medical tourism destinations would provide with all the facilities. You can get the best services as like you get in a five star hotel.

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Regarding the top 5 most medical tourism destinations, the following are the best medical tourism destinations with all features and quality are as follows:

  1. Panama
  2. Brazil
  3. Malaysia
  4. Costa Rica
  5. India


Panama is one of the best medical tourism destinations that provide 40 to 50 percent lower cost when compared with the cost for similar surgeries provided in the United States. This report on the medical tourism was published in NCPA (National Center for Policy Analysis). Though cost for surgeries are expensive in the United States, people from United States feel comfortable in travelling to Panama as the travel expense from United States to Panama is less. Panama is also one of the Americanized countries that are attracted for both medical destinations as well as the tourist spots. United States Dollars is the official currency for this place and majority of the physicians are trained from the major universities from the United States.

Since medical tourism destinations play a major in economy improvement, Panama also has shown its economy improvement through these medical achievements that heavily relies on the industries. Panama has independently negotiated with free agreement regarding the trade with United States during the year 2006 rather than participating in CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement). Finally, panama has got its wide opportunities with the medical tourism and also with other types of services like real estates, tourism related services etc.


Brazil can be said as the international Mecca for the treatment of cosmetic as well as plastic surgeries. Brazil has got its fame in the medical tourism started with Ivo pitanguy who is a world renowned plastic surgeon opened clinic before 40 years ago outside Rio de Janeiro. When compared with United States as well as with other countries, Brazil provides high quality surgeons and also with less cost as they are the world’s second largest market for the treatment of plastic surgeons. In terms with general medical treatment, Brazil deserves the name for best medical tourism destination as several hospitals are located with JCAHO (joint commission America hospital organization). JCAHO is the United State’s largest accreditation organization according to the medical tourism service website.

Sao Paulo is the largest city in the Brazil that has several world’s best hospitals with advanced equipments, latest technologies and also with high trained physicians etc. Hence with all these credentials, Brazil will be predicted to become one of the best as well as dominant economic countries in the world. Moreover, people from any place in the United States can reach Brazil within 8 to 12 hours by airways.


Medical tourism industry has been growing rapidly in Malaysia during recent years. People from several countries seeking healthcare treatment in Malaysia has been increased to 296, 687 patients during the year 2006. Previously, it was about 75,210 during the year 2001. Year by year, number of people from all over the world for seeking healthcare is increasing. The association of private hospitals in Malaysia is expecting 30% growth during the year 2010.

Medical procedures in Malaysia offer treatments for cosmetic, dentals and cardiac surgeries etc. with lesser cost. For example, cardiac bypass surgery costs around $6000 to $7000 in Malaysia and the same surgery cost around $9000 to $12000 in United States. Malaysia is not only attracted for the medical tourism destinations but also for its economic stability, tourist spots as well as higher rate in literacy. Will all these features, Malaysia can also be said as one of the best place for medical tourism destinations.


Costa Rica is the place that suits best to the North American people for getting medical treatments with cheaper costs. Each year, more than 150,000 foreigners are visiting Costa Rica for getting benefit with low cost treatments. For instance, treatment for dental veneer in Costa Rica costs around 300$ to 350$ and the same procedure would cost around 1250$ to 1500$ in United States. Hence, people in United States are willing to travel through airways to Costa Rica for getting treatment. You can reach to Costa Rica within 10 hours from any part of United States through flight. Costa Rican government is taking necessary plans for negotiating with free agreement through CAFTA.


According to the report of NCPA (National Center of Policy Analysis), India has got its high quality treatment along with cheaper cost when compared with all other medical tourism destinations. Many hospitals located around India are accredited with JCI (Joint Commission International) and also with cutting-edge latest technologies as well as well trained physicians. Though India provides high quality treatment with less cost, it ranked in 5th place rather than in 1st place because of the amount restrictions from foreign investors and also the distance between United States and India through flight can be approximately 20 hours.

Medical tourism in India including the foreign patients was about 500,000 during the year 2005. Previously, it was just 150,000 patients during the year 2002. Rapid growth is experiencing and it is expected around 1 million during the year 2010. Even in monetary terms, experts have estimated that medical tourism would bring around 2 billion dollars by the year 2012. India has got its fame in the orthopedic as well as cardiac procedures. Most of the American patients will travel to India for the treatment of Birmingham Hip resurfacing where the treatment for the same is not available in the United States. The treatment for this Birmingham his resurfacing in India has been approved by FDA.

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