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Medical Tourism Facts

Medical tourism is the practice of travelling to different countries to get quality and affordable healthcare services. It is also referred to as global healthcare, health tourism, and medical travel. The term ‘medical tourism’ was created by the media and travel agencies to popularize this form of practice. Today, medical tourism has grown to become an official industry in more than 50 countries.

Why is Medical Tourism Popular? So, what exactly are the benefits of medical tourism and why do people travel abroad for simple and complex medical procedures? The main factor that encourages medical travel is undoubtedly the high cost of medical care in developed countries like the United States. Most medical travel destinations offer surgeries at almost one-third the costs of developed countries. This translates into bigger savings for a person who has to undergo a complex medical procedure like a liver transplant or even for a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Hospitals in Dubai : Hospitals in Dubai List : List of hospitals in Dubai with email address, contact details and telephone numbers.Hospitals in Dubai : Hospitals in Dubai List : List of hospitals in Dubai with email address, contact details and telephone numbers. Hospitals cater to the most vulnerable section of our population. They are both necessary and feared, sought out and despised. The reaction to hospitals, from the perspective of both patients and medical practitioners, depends on the facilities these hospitals have to offer. Some of the best hospitals share a few common distinguishing characteristics that set them apart from other hospitals. The central challenge for these hospitals is to continue to do business and at the same time provide quality health care at affordable costs. The best hospitals in Dubai are dedicated to providing specialized treatment for specific diseases. Their focus is on developing and delivering the best and latest treatment in their area of function. Multi specialty hospitals provide separate wings and departments for separate treatments.

Clinics in Dubai : Best Hospitals & Clinics in Dubai - Top Ratings & ReviewsClinics in Dubai : List of private clinics in Dubai UAE. Find best hospitals & clinics in Dubai with top ratings & reviews. List of the best hospitals & clinics in Dubai! Everything you need to know! Reviews, ratings, analysis of top Hospitals & clinics in Dubai. If you thought that all medical clinics are the same except for their facilities, you’re wrong. There are different types of medical clinics offering varying services based on the needs of the patients. Medical clinics in Dubai offer a wide range of medical services on an outpatient basis. Not all medical clinics treat for every type of injury or illness. So you’re in need of a medical clinic in Dubai? It’s a broad term. What is it you are looking for? Below are several different types of medical clinics in Dubai and descriptions of what each specializes in. When searching for a medical facility it is best to have all the information possible. There are many ways to find a good 24 hour medical clinic. Before seeking emergency medical care in Dubai, it must be determined if a 24 hour medical clinic or a hospital emergency room is more appropriate for the need at hand.

Dental Clinics in Dubai : Finding a Good Dental Clinic in Dubai UAE : Good dental clinic in Dubai : Tips to find a good dental clinic & features of a good dental clinic in Dubai UAE.Dental Clinics in Dubai : Finding a Good Dental Clinic in Dubai UAE : Good dental clinic in Dubai : Tips to find a good dental clinic & features of a good dental clinic in Dubai UAE. Dental clinics are typically places you visit when you have some problems with your teeth. You will find many dental clinics, but ensure that the dental practitioners in these clinics have good experience in handling various types of dental cases. If you are looking for the best oral care then you should take into consideration the facilities that these places offer. If you are looking for the best dental clinic to provide dental services you need, there are certain things you should know before you make a choice. Maintaining a good oral health is as important as choosing the best clinic.

Dentists in DubaiDentists in Dubai : Best Dentists in Dubai. Finding the perfect dentist is probably one of the best feelings because it means you have found a dentist that not only performs excellent dental work but makes you not mind going to the dentist, which is something that many of us cannot say. Finding the perfect dentist sounds great but you are probably wondering if it is possible and, if so, how is it done? That is a fair question and one that is easy to answer. All you have to do is invest a little time in doing some research and that involves visiting dentist review sites and using other resources. A good dentist review can put your worries at ease. You would be surprised at the number of people who are going online to read a dentist review to find a dentist. Reading a good dentist review can teach you all you need to know about certain the dentists.

Dental Implants in Dubai : Dental Implants Dubai Cost & PricesDental Implants in Dubai : Dental Implants Dubai Cost & Prices. Dental implants are actually pretty straightforward, generally consisting of three separate parts that include an implant post or screw that is inserted into your jawbone, an abutment that is attached to the implant post or screw and which protrudes just above your gum line, and the final tooth restoration that will cover up the abutment. The idea behind using a screw or post is that it will bond with your jawbone during a process called Osseo integration. This is where new bone cells begin to grow on the specially treated implant post, eventually holding the post firmly in place so it cannot move even a fraction. This bonding process helps to ensure the implant post is strong enough to hold a replacement tooth. Dental implants can be used to support implant crowns, bridges or complete dentures.

Braces in Dubai : Cheapest & Affordable Braces in Dubai UAEBraces in Dubai : Cheapest & Affordable Braces in Dubai UAE. Dental braces come in various types and applications depending on the problem being treated, all of which can affect cost. When asking the question “How much do braces cost?”, people need to take these things into consideration when trying to come up with the most accurate estimates. What are dental braces? Braces refer to removable or fixed orthodontic appliances normally used to correct various teeth defects such as alignment of the bite and teeth. Dental braces can either be placed on the lower side, upper side or both sides based on the type of correction required. Braces would be the best manner of aligning teeth. Braces are typically manufactured from stainless steel, even though clear braces can be found.

Invisalign Dubai : Invisalign in Dubai - Invisalign Treatment - Invisalign BracesInvisalign Dubai : Invisalign in Dubai – Invisalign Treatment and Invisalign Braces in Dubai. Invisalign is one of the newest ways to straighten your teeth and get the smile you’ve always wanted. If you’re choosing between straightening your teeth the traditional way or using Invisalign, make sure you’re well-informed on both options. Traditional fixed dental braces are considered the norm for children and teenagers, but as an adult, they may leave you feeling self-conscious and frustrated, especially if your line of business calls for you to be constantly interacting with colleagues and clients. There is an alternative. Invisalign braces are fully removable and virtually invisible, which means you can smile with confidence throughout the entire treatment process.

Orthodontists in DubaiOrthodontists in Dubai : If you are looking to find an orthodontist then you will want to find an experienced orthodontist with an office close to your daily commute. There are numerous qualified orthodontists in the city they are not hard to find. Read more to find out what you should look for to make sure you choose a quality and dependable orthodontist in Dubai. Choosing the right orthodontist for your treatment is vital if you want to experience a satisfying treatment. Find an orthodontist because an orthodontist is a specialist who has also attended an accredited specialty program beyond the dental school. If you notice your children have orthodontic problems, it’s best to take them to an orthodontist as soon as possible. If started in early stages, the treatment is more effective, hence less expensive for you and less traumatic for your child. The orthodontist will assess the situation and decide whether it’s time for treatment or it’s enough to simply supervise the child for a while and observe the evolution.

Veneers DubaiVeneers Dubai : What are Veneers? Dental veneers are wafer-thin shells of tooth-colored materials, which are used for covering the front surface of teeth for cosmetic purposes and are also known as porcelain veneers. Veneers are used to change the color, length, shape or size of teeth and are bonded to the front surface of teeth. Before we can get to a point of understanding porcelain dental veneers, it would be a good idea to first have a basic understanding of what dental veneers are, and what their roles in dentistry are. Dental veneers, as name suggests, are veneers that are worn over teeth. In simpler terms, they are specially-made tooth coverings. Like all other types of veneers, dental veneers are meant to ‘cover-up’ for something on the teeth. One thing that dental veneers can cover is teeth-coloring, giving the wearer what are effectively excellent white teeth! There are two categories of people who use this approach – of wearing veneers – to the teeth whitening problem.

Cosmetic Dentistry Dubai : Aesthetic Dentist Dubai Cosmetic Dentistry Dubai : Aesthetic Dentist Dubai. Cosmetic dentistry newsletters are one of the best venues where a practicing dentist can highlight his qualifications and services. Cosmetic dentistry newsletters carry advertising material provided by dental practitioners such as how to create a memorable, extremely beautiful smile in two weeks or less, how to brighten your smile in about one hour, how to experience lifetime dental excellence and much more. The advances in cosmetic dentistry have restored beautiful smiles to thousands of people who for one reason or another has lost or damaged their teeth. Modern cosmetic dentistry procedures can do wonders to fill up gaps between your teeth, straighten up crooked teeth by putting braces, fill up cavities with fillings or cosmetic dentures and other procedures to restore your smile and help you look younger.

Teeth Whitening Dubai : Reviews of the Best Teeth Whitening Clinics & Dentist in Dubai : Check Prices, Cost and ReviewsTeeth Whitening Dubai : Reviews of the Best Teeth Whitening Clinics & Dentist in Dubai : Check Prices, Cost and Reviews. Professional teeth whitening is becoming the increasingly popular choice for anybody with stained teeth. Yes, you can buy over the counter remedies, but if you want to guarantee whiter teeth now, then professional teeth whitening is the best option. Professional teeth whitening is a smart choice when searching for a safe and successful teeth whitening method. Low risk and long lasting dentist whitening treatments might be the best option available today. This article provides seven reasons why. One way to make sure that you will find a proper dentist, teeth whitening treatment, and adequate assessment of your teeth is by looking for a cosmetic dental clinic. Most of the time, these clinics offer whitening and they have skilled and experienced dentists who carry out the procedure.

Dentistry Dubai : Dentists Dubai & Best Dental Clinic in Dubai UAE. Find Best Dentistry Centers in Dubai Offering Top Dentistry Treatments in DubaiDentistry Dubai : Best dentists and dental clinics in Dubai UAE. Find best dentistry centers in Dubai offering top dentistry treatments in Dubai UAE. A good dentistry service will be able to handle a series of important functions. These can be used to assist in getting a person’s teeth to be treated as well as possible. This is a smart thing that anyone can use when getting the best looking appearance. Here are a few of the many things that a dentistry service can do for any patient. General dental service functions can involve regular types of repairs. These include such things as fillings, cleanings and general inspections. This can be used to help with assisting in getting anyone to have the best possible type of look. Cosmetic dentistry is a popular form of dental treatment. Patients can now achieve a pleasing appearance that corrects visual flaws in their oral appearance. Tooth colour, shape, alignment can be corrected to achieve an appearance that may overcome some negative feelings people may harbour about themselves.

Best Dentists in DubaiBest Dentists in Dubai : There are a number of dentists in Dubai to choose from. To find the best dentist your area can offer you start by reading to find the information and resources you need to make an informed decision. Most of us have a fear of going to the dentist, probably due to the perception of some pain, but also the distinct feeling of the vibration that reverberates through our head as one of the latest high speed drills are used to remove plaque or clean out a decaying tooth in readiness of a new filling. Finding a good dentist for you and your family begins with homework, after which visiting the dentist’s office makes sense. Now that you’ve narrowed the field and made an initial appointment, what should you expect on that first visit? From the moment you step into that office you should be measuring what you see against your expectations.

Another reason is the high costs of medical insurance in western countries which have led to many people not opting for any medical plans. The high unemployment rates in the U.S and other European countries are another major contributing factor. Today, due to the deteriorating unemployment levels millions of people can no longer afford health insurance. So, a person not covered by health insurance has very less options other than seeking cheaper treatment elsewhere. As a result, medical travel has gained rapid acceptance and popularity in a short period of time.

Medical Tourism Costs Comparison : Here are some surprising cost comparisons which justify the existence of the medical tourism industry. A liver transplant in the U.S would cost close to a whopping $300,000, while a person who opts to travel to Taiwan would end up paying just around $90,000. This translates into savings of around 70 percent. Similarly, a heart valve replacement costs about $10,000 in India, whereas it costs around $200,000 in the United States. Women who plan to undergo complex cosmetic surgery have to spend a fortune in the U.S. In this case, a full facelift in South Africa would cost just around $1250 compared to about $20,000 in the United States. These glaring price cost savings are the most important reason for the huge growth in the medical tourism industry

Medical travel abroad isn’t just popular because of the cost savings. There are many other benefits too. For example, the waiting times for medical procedures in the U.K are long and cumbersome. On the other hand, in medical tourism, a patient’s entire procedure is planned and scheduled well in advance. Once the patient arrives in the host country, there is little to no waiting time. Here is another example to illustrate this point. In Canada, during the year 2005, more than 750,000 Canadians had to wait for an average of 9.5 weeks to get their medical procedures done. Canada also sets long waiting benchmarks ranging from 16 to 26 weeks for non-emergency medical procedures like cataract and hip replacement surgery.

While the medical travel industry has its benefits it also has its share of drawbacks and concerns. For example, a medical tourist can easily be susceptible to many diseases in the host country, where high standards of hygiene may not be available. A person from the United States may have low to no natural immunity levels to these diseases. These diseases could hamper or complicate existing health conditions. Some of the diseases that could weaken or complicate the recovery of the person are amoebic dysentery, influenza, typhoid, and tuberculosis. Health complications could also arise during travel due to cramped seats in airlines and long distance flights.

Even accredited hospitals in countries like India lack adequate complaint registering policies. This leads to a lot of patients being totally dissatisfied with the services offered. There are also many legal and ethical issues involved during organ transplantation in India and China. This primarily is due to the large-scale illegal purchase of tissues and organs in these countries. Despite these shortcomings, medical travel seems to be the way forward unless countries like the United States can manage to cut their medical costs drastically or start providing medical tourism insurance.

Popular Medical Tourism Destinations : Many people are on the lookout for both simple and complex procedures like cardiac surgery, hip and knee replacement, dental surgery and cosmetic surgery. For these procedures the most popular medical travel destinations are India, Argentina, Cuba, Hungary, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, The Philippines, Ukraine, Lithuania, and South Korea. High quality cosmetic surgery at affordable prices is available in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, and Colombia. Over the last few years, South American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Bolivia have become a hot destination for world-class plastic surgeries. These countries boast of talented and experienced cosmetic surgeons of repute. Most medical tourists come from countries like the United States, Canada, the U.K, and Japan.

Implications for the Healthcare Industry : Medical travel has created implications in countries from where they originate. In 2007, more than 750,000 Americans sought healthcare services outside the country and more than 1.5 million are expected to seek offshore healthcare in 2008. This has resulted in the United States health care industry losing billions of dollars and is set to lose even more in the future. According to a Deloitte Consulting report of 2008, medical tourism in the United States could most likely increase by almost 10 times in the next decade. This trend is alarming and can hardly be ignored by the healthcare industry. While this may spell trouble for the healthcare insurance industry, it could also be a motivating factor for the healthcare industry to lower its premiums to stay competitive. This major shift towards medical tourism has opened the doors for medical tourism insurance. Currently, very few medical insurers cover medical tourism. However, there is a growing demand for medical tourism insurance and we might soon see major healthcare insurance providers offering people the option to travel abroad. This would definitely be an important step in making healthcare more affordable.

To ensure higher standards of healthcare quality a growing number of international healthcare accreditation organizations are now certifying international hospitals. This accreditation is awarded based on the level of healthcare services and quality of medical procedures provided. Since 1999, the Joint Commission International (JCI), a non-profit organization based in the United States has been authorized to certify and accredit hospitals and medical facilities outside the country. Medical tourism providers in many countries are now seeking accreditation to keep on track with healthcare best practice norms and gain patient confidence and trust.

The medical tourism industry is growing and will continue to rapidly surge unless healthcare providers and insurance companies make sincere efforts to lower the costs of health insurance. Medical travel is not a problem; it is an answer to cheaper medical solutions. And unless the healthcare industry in western countries finds answers to reducing costs, medical tourism will definitely be the most convincing answer.

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